Do you know that every July 1st thousands of physicians start their formal training when they become interns? These young men and women are the cream of the crop and are amongst the most dedicated, conscientious human beings on the

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Join the school of health professions at St. Bonaventure University and learn about the accomplishments of these lesser-known medical professionals. The Diversity & Inclusion in Public Health course (PHB 302) in the SBU School of Health Professions is hosting a “Hidden Figures in Healthcare” webinar to highlight the unsung diverse contributors to modern healthcare.
3/19/21 @ 1:30

Join us on Zoom. The link is on the Notice Board. For those outside the SBU community, please contact Jeffrey Allen, DHSc, MPA, by email at

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The nation's first Franciscan university, St. Bonaventure University is a community committed to transforming the lives of our students inside and outside the classroom, inspiring in them a lifelong commitment to service and citizenship. In 2020, St. Bona

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Read this blog and make an official comment against kickbacks for Optum, CVS and other PBM and hospital tied GPO that PREVENT patients and doctors from securing the BEST drugs, devices, and medical supplies and cost Americans $200 billion per year. That's $$ that is used to lobby for independent practice for non-physician providers.
Public comment closes on Feb 16. There are suggestions in this blog for comments to make and a link to make the comments.
Physicians cannot obtain lifesaving drugs or solutions—like epinephrine, saline, or albuterol—for their patients. Over 200 drugs on the shortage list.
Shortages....Here in America. Hurting patients and especially the indigent.

GOT MY 2nd SHOT for COVID-19 Today!! No Symptoms.

Other things YOU can do to slow the spread:
1) Wear a High Quality Mask (3 layer Surgical Mask or better)
2) Healthy Diet, Exercise, and Sleeping Habits
3) Supplements like Zinc, Vitamin D, and Vitamin C
4) Stay 6 feet away from Non Household Contacts

I am Praying for a Blessed and Better 2021 for Everyone!!

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CHECK IT OUT -- "Office Treatments for Penile Curvature: Peyronies Disease." This Video Discusses how we can manage mild to Moderate Penile Curvature or Peyronies Disease with IN OFFICE Treatments.

FIND OUT HOW YOU & WEE Urologic Surgery and Wellness can help YOU live YOUR BEST LIFE IN 2021!!!
After all, YOU are OUR Number 1 and WEE are here to serve.

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HOW TO: Office Treatments for Penile Curvature (Peyronies Disease) / YouTube



It’s that time of year again! Summer vacation is over and the kids are getting ready to go back to school. This Summer may have been met with some allergy challenges because it has been one of the hottest Summers on record. You may be worried about how your child with allergies and asthma may fare during the school year. Well, here are my five top tips to get your child with asthma or allergies ready for the school year.

1) Make sure the school is prepared to take care of your child in case of an emergency.
This is important for all children but specifically for children with food allergy and asthma. Children with food allergy must always have an adult ready to administer an epinephrine injector, and children with asthma must have access to an albuterol inhaler. Older children and high school children may know how to administer their medication. However, depending on the school’s policy and what is allowed, they may be restricted to seeing the school nurse or having the teacher administer the medications needed. It is important to feel comfortable with the school’s plan of action in case your child’s condition is to worsen. Have you discussed the signs and symptoms of when your child may be having a food allergy reaction or asthma attack with their teachers or school nurse? Does the school provide this type of training to their staff? These are all important questions to find out. If not, find out if there are plans to do so. Remember, it only takes one person to start change.

2) Has your child recently been evaluated by their Allergist.
An updated visit to your child’s allergist is always important, even with the most stable conditions. If your child is following up with their Allergist as directed, then you probably don’t have anything to worry about. If it has been a year or more, it is important that you schedule a follow-up soon. Over a year, many things can change. Your child’s medical condition or medical needs may have changed. Your child is growing and weight changes may require a change in dosing. Also, you can find out if new medications or treatments may be available. In addition, refills on expired medications may be needed. Lastly, an updated action plan on how to treat your child’s condition may be needed.

3) Address how medications will be given
Going back to school may mean a new schedule for your child and possibly yourself. Most allergy and asthma medications are given no more than twice a day. However, it can be difficult to coordinate the administration of a mid-day or late afternoon medication. Working with the school and your Allergist to figure out the best plan to have your child’s medication delivered correctly and timely with little interference to their day can be achieved.
In addition, a teenage child who has been given the responsibility of taking their own medications may need to be checked on periodically. It’s not unusual for me to see a teenager with exacerbated symptoms, all because they forgot a few too many times to take their medication and an upset parent sitting by their side. If you find that your child’s symptoms seem to be worsening or if you are not refilling their meds as expected, you may want to check on if they are taking their medications.

4)Address how your child’s condition may be affected by extracurricular and sports activity
A child with asthma and/or allergies may need special attention when it comes to them playing a sport or participating in extracurricular activities. Will they play outside but they have a severe pollen allergy? Will their asthma symptoms start once they start running? Or do you think your child’s care may need to be optimized so they can do their best? These are all questions that may be playing in your head. Addressing your concerns with your allergist is the first step. There are many ways to keep your child’s symptoms under control, including pretreating with medications prior to activities.
Furthermore, Extracurricular activities such as pottery making, painting, cooking, horticulture, etc, may have your child contacting possible allergens that may need to be addressed. If your child finds themselves with hives or a rash after an activity, testing and avoidance may be warranted.

5)Discuss your child’s care with caregivers
Coordinating your child’s supervision and safety to and from school may cause for other people to care for your child. Whether it is a friend’s mom carpooling the children to school, tutors, babysitters or nannies, it is important that all caregivers are aware of your child’s medical condition and have a plan of action. If you don’t have a plan of action, one may be obtained by your Allergist. Having one in place, may be particularly important in small children who may have difficulty expressing what they are feeling. Discussing the plan of action with your child’s caregiver will also help to give you insight on how comfortable your child’s caretaker is in implementing the action plan. If your child’s caregiver is not comfortable in recognizing signs and symptoms of your child’s medical problem or not comfortable in administering emergent medication, then secondary measures may need to be put in place, such as pre-prepared foods in a child with food allergy to decrease the likelihood of an accidental exposure, or maybe even a new caregiver. Most importantly, they should know how to contact you in case of an emergency.

Leyda Bowes, M.D.
This is great advice and guidance for all parents of school-age children. Thank you for sharing this information!

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a form of hair loss treatment that can harness and amplify the body’s unique natural growth factors to support hair growth.

The growth factors restore favorable conditions by:
1. Stimulating the proliferation of hair stem cells
2. Improving circulation to the hair follicles by stimulating the formation of new blood vessels around the hair follicles
3. Extending the growth phase cycle of the hair

Medical studies demonstrate PRP treatment:
• Increases hair count
• Increases hair density
• Increases individual hair shaft thickness
• Slows further hair thinning

Ask your dermatologist today if PRP is right for you!

Now more than ever, it's crucial to get your sleep!
Sleep deprivation at the time of vaccination has been found to attenuate antibody response to immunizations.

In one study, a group of healthy volunteers was vaccinated against influenza A on the morning following four nights of restricted sleep (1-5 AM sleep time). This group received two additional nights of sleep restriction following the vaccination. A control group of healthy volunteers whose sleep was not restricted also received the vaccine. Ten days post-vaccination, the mean antibody titers in the subjects who were immunized in a state of sleep deprivation were less than half those measured in the subjects with regular sleep times.

With a period of sleep recovery, the good news is that differences in antibody titers between the group that had been sleep-deprived and the control group was no longer significant three to four weeks post-vaccination. Nevertheless, this study points to sleep behaviors one might adhere to in the immediate period before and the first few weeks after vaccination to maximize vaccine benefits.

Spiegel K, Sheridan, JF, Van Cauter E. Effect of sleep deprivation on response to immunization. JAMA 2002;288(12);1471-1472.

Ramon Castellanos, M.D.
Excellent article! Agree 100%. We must share best outpatient protocols in the tx of Covid. Could save many lives. Inpatient nebulizing is not even a choice, for example (to avoid spread).

With #FLU season already here, the #CDC recommends the public to be alert for symptoms such as: #runnynose and watery eyes, #cough, #fever, #MuscleAches, and #malaise, among others.
If so, patients should have testing with the *new Flu-SC2 Multiplex Assay. This allows to test at the same time for infection caused by any one of the 3 viruses: SARS-CoV-2 (#Covid-19), #Influenza A and Influenza B.

Lucila Rodriguez, M.D.
Congratulations, Dr. Bernard, on this incredibly valuable book! Much needed information to be shared with patients. I ordered mine already!
Ramon Castellanos, M.D.
Great book, Dr. Bernard. Will order!
Vanessa Silebi, M.D.
Commending you and Dr. Al-Agba for such a great undertaking. Excellent book!
Thank you for being an advocate for physician-led medicine.

#Heart #Disease is the #1 Cause of Death in Women (all ages and ethnicities) in the U.S., with 22% of all women deaths yearly being due to it. Visit your #Primary #Care doctor every year and implement #Lifestyle modifications that can help reduce your risk of heart disease: #healthy #diet, adequate #sleep, daily #activity and #exercise, and #Stress #Reduction.
#HeartDisease #HeartAttack #Hypertension #PrimaryCare #Cardiology #Prevention #PreventiveMedicine

Fall is here, and with it comes colder weather AND atopic dermatitis(aka: eczema). It's always about this time of year when we start to see eczema flares thanks to cooler weather, dry skin, and cranking up the heater. If you're atopic, what steps can you take to prevent a flare? 1. Moisturize often with a plain, unscented lotion or cream, 2. Avoid long, hot showers or soaking in a hot tub, 3. Choose laundry detergents free of artificial colors and fragrances. If those tips don't help keep your eczema under control, it may be time to visit your dermatologist for a corticosteroid.

#PreventiveCare is still on during #Covid, and this is especially important for #CancerScreening. #Doctors have put in place lots of #safely measures in their offices, and making it safe for you to visit your #Internist or #PrimaryCare #Doctor for your necessary annual screenings.

NOVEMBER is MEN's Health Awareness Month!!! Join US on OUR MONTH LONG and LIFE LONG Journey to IMPROVE the QUALITY of MEN's HEALTH!!!

At YOU & WEE, YOU are OUR #1 and Wee are here to serve YOU!!!

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A 1-minute Botox treatment requiring only 6 units, can lead to softening of the Gummy Smile and increased confidence in patients who are bothered by this appearance.

Melinda Smith, M.D.
Beautiful results!

Positive family interactions can help us get through the challenges, as well as the emotional and mental stress of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Stroke is the 5th leading cause of death in the United States, and a major cause of disability for those who survive it. Approximately 800,000 adults in the United States have a stroke each year.
However, stroke is treatable! It is important to identify the signs of a stroke promptly and dial 9-1-1 immediately in order to get the patient to the right treatment facility as quickly as possible. Below is a handy list of stroke signs and symptoms.

Heart Disease is the Number 1 Cause of Death for Women in the United States, killing almost 300,000 women in 2017. In order to decrease your risk of Heart Disease, please follow these general recommendations:
* Exercise 30 min daily at least 3 days/week
* Eat a healthy, balanced diet, low in fat and processed foods
* Avoid drinking excess alcohol
* Stop cigarette smoking
* Manage stress by practicing Coping Techniques

Here is our newest Video, for your viewing pleasure, about Green Light Laser of the Prostate for Enlarged Prostate, Benign Prostate Hypertrophy and Lower Urinary Symptoms.

This Procedure is mainly reserved for those men with Large Prostates > 100 cc or A Moderate to large median lobe of the Prostate (Type of Architecture). It can also be used in settings where there are bleeding concerns for the patient.

Green Light Laser Ablation of Prostate for Benign Prostate Hypertrophy or Lower Urinary Symptoms / YouTube

Surgical Procedure for #EnlargedProstate (EP), #BenignProstateHypertrophy #BPH, and #LowerUrinaryTractSymptoms #LUTS This procedure uses a laser directed by ...

How does Kidney Stone Surgery (Ureteroscopy) Work? And How To Prevent more Stones??

Kidney Stone Diet:
1) Drink 4-5 Liters of Water a day (10-12 16 oz bottles)
2) Drink 4 Oz Citrus Juice Daily (Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit)
3) Low Salt, Low Sugar Diet
4) Plant based Diet (Avoid Animal Proteins: Chicken, Fish, Beef, Lamb, etc)
5) Avoid Items Like Chocolate, Spinach, Nuts, etc** (For those with Calcium Oxalate Stones)

How Does Kidney Stone Surgery (Ureteroscopy) Work? And How to Prevent Kidney Stones? / YouTube

This is a short video discussing a surgical procedure called Ureteroscopy. A ureteroscope is a small camera that is used to navigate through the ureter tube ...

Venous Leak Erectile Dysfunction - Essentially a "Hole in your Tire" so to speak.

The Penile Implant can be thought of as a New Inner Tube for your Tire that Bypasses the body's normal process that result in an erection.

Satisfaction is >90% for Both Patient and Partner and Longevity is 60-80% of men are still functional at 15 to 20 years post procedure.

HOW TO: Infrapubic Placement of Inflatable Penile Implant (IPP) for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) / YouTube

This is a Surgical Instruction and Training video on HOW TO Place an Inflatable Penile Implant for Erectile Dysfunction via the Infrapubic Technique. This vi...

Family Planning is a Real Consideration for many Couples and Young People in General. The Average cost to raise a Kid to age 17 is $240,000.

500,000 Men elect to have a minor procedure called a Vasectomy Every Year. This Minor Procedure Interrupts the Vas Deferens Tube that carries Sperm from the Testicle.

Watch Our Video on HOW TO perform the Minimally Invasive Vasectomy Procedure for Male Sterilization.
Visit Our Website Today for an Appointment!!

HOW TO: Minimally Invasive Office Based Vasectomy for Male Sterilization / YouTube

This is a fully narrated video to be used as a Surgical Training and Instruction Video for the purposes of Learning or Better understanding the Vasectomy Pro...

This is an eye opener regarding the power and potential ills of social media! The social dilemma. At myDoqter, we aim to use the power of social media to heal.

September is PCOS awareness month. PCOS affects 1 in 10 women and has many symptoms. Among those is excess facial and body hair. Laser hair removal can be a great treatment option. A series of treatments done every 4-6 weeks significantly decreases the rate of growth and eliminates the need for painful or embarrassing methods like waxing or shaving.

New CDC study that looked at more than 80,000 US adults hospitalized with #flu, found sudden heart complications had occurred in 1 out of every 8 patients. This flu season, get your flu vaccine to reduce the risk of flu complications, including sudden onset of heart disease.

There's a reason botulinum toxin treatment is the #1 cosmetic procedure--nothing else works quite like it to smooth out wrinkles!!

Wearing a mask correctly can prevent the spread of #COVID19. When wearing one:
1️⃣ Wash or sanitize your hands before putting it on
2️⃣ Ensure it covers your nose and mouth
3️⃣ Avoid touching it in public
4️⃣ Wash your mask after every use

Do you hate the feeling of sunscreen? Are you “allergic” to sunscreen? Maybe you’re just using the wrong sunscreen?! Choosing between physical or chemical sunscreens can make a big difference. At dermsd we favor physical sunscreens that contain zinc and/or titanium dioxide. What are some of the benefits of a physical sunscreen? Unlike it’s chemical counterpart, physical sunscreens don’t absorb into the skin but rather sit on top of the skin. Another perk- chemical sunscreens need to be applied at least 20 minutes prior to exposure, while physical sunscreens offer more immediate sun protection. Some of our favorites include Elta MD and Revision Intellishade. Remember to apply every 1-2 hours while outdoors to prevent sunburn! #dermsd #drjasonlupton #antiaging #skin #sunscreen #skincare #summer #sun #sunblock #suncare #sunprotection #sunshine #uvprotection

As of July 14: In the last 7 days, #COVID19 cases increased nationally with 3 states each reporting more than 50,000 new cases. Help slow the spread by taking steps like wearing cloth face coverings. See more COVID-19 data here:


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