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myDoqter is America’s first medical Professional-Social platform. We are a network of medically trained physicians and their staff, including our supervised physician extenders.

Through our platform, you can connect with medical professionals and also reach patients who may need your help nationally and internationally. At myDoqter, you can communicate what is new at your practice through our Procial™ feed. Open communication facilitates a relationship between patients and you, the physician. Our feed is a powerful marketing tool that lets you approach your patients in a personal and professional manner.


Hang Your Virtual

Phonebooks are out, Search Engine Optimization is in!

In the digital age, physicians need an effective way to market themselves and our profession as a whole. Your myDoqter webpage allows you to share your:
• Office information
• Credentials and publications
• Media appearances
• Photos, Videos, and Professional Social Media Feed to highlight your expertise!

Patients who are researching specific topics can peruse your feed to search for the latest medical news and treatments that you offer. The content you post will help optimize your SEO, so you can be found as a physician expert when patients need to find a doctor.


Scheduling &
Virtual Reception
(Premium Feature)

Let your patients have access to your Schedule and Front Office Paper Forms online.

We know that calling a doctor's office can be a time consuming process for patients. Our online scheduling is convenient and fast, making patients able to find you and book an appointment in an efficient manner.

We have standardized Online Patient Forms that physicians can use. Your patients can easily have access to these forms, sign and store them securely. This saves you time and reduces inefficiencies. It also can drastically reduce wait time for your patients, enhancing the patients’ overall experience.


Online Forms
(Premium Feature)

Have access to your HIPAA-compliant patient forms.

Your patients can easily upload and store patient files on our secure, and HIPAA-compliant servers. This saves you time and minimizes organisational effort in your practice. It drastically reduces wait time for patients and increases your productivity!


Reputation Management

Online reviews are changing the face of Medicine. Physicians can be part of the solution!

We as physicians can help provide valuable information to our patients on where to go for care. Our innovative peer recommendation system helps you highlight peer recommendations to help patients find the best doctors for them. Only we as physicians know who the experts are and we can help guide patients to the best doctors specializing in their conditions and symptoms.

Please leave recommendations on your top favorite doctors in your area or nationally!


Join the Message board

The Physician Collective Doctor's Lounge features:

- Physician led content on physician entrepreneurship, autonomy, and empowerment
- A place open and secure physician discussion on our MessageBoard
- A platform to vote on advocacy issues that matter to you.


(Premium Feature)

Coming soon! Please stay tuned.


Own Your Future

Join a network of physicians helping to design the future of Medicine.

Join us in creating technology solutions with physician insight, or simply participate in the community experience as a user. To inquire about current investment opportunities, click here.