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This young patient in her 20s had a significant #reduction in #submental #fat after 3 sessions with #kybella injections. This allowed her to restore better definition to her face and jawline.

Remembering my dear #mentor and #friend, Dr. Richard E. Fitzpatrick, well-renowned for his pioneering of many cosmetic dermatologic procedures, including #Laser #Skin #Resurfacing. But his greatest legacy truly was setting an example for us to follow of the virtues of a good physician: medical curiosity, compassion and humbleness.
(With my friends and colleagues, #CoolSculpting Specialists Carla Homez and Maria Ferrer.) #ASLMS 2014

#Melasma (darker skin patches on the face) can be seen in women during and after #pregnancy, as well as while taking oral birth control pills. While there is no absolute cure for melasma, it can improve significantly with the use of specialized skin brightening creams.

This is a big concern for many women. very nice resukts.

#Acne is one of the most common #Skin conditions worldwide. #Pore #Occlusion and #Plugging by excess skin oils and make-up can trigger #AcneFlares and lead to pustules, cysts and, eventually, #Scars. That is why the single most important step in the #Treatment AND #Prevention of #Acne is proper and regular #Face #Washing, 2 to 3 times a day.

#Subcission followed by #fillers can offer a significant improvement in the appearance of #acne #scars.

Melinda Smith, M.D.
Very nice results!

#Earlobe #Rejuvenation can be achieved with the conservative and balanced injection of #HyaluronicAcid #DermalFillers in the various planes of volume loss, with care not to over-inject and to maintain the anatomic shape of the lobe. Pictures are before and immediately after the procedure.

#LOVE educating our patients on all modalities for #HairReduction and #HairRemoval: from home #Depilation devices and creams, to safe and effective medical grade #Light sources and #Laser devices.

The NeoGraft system for Hair Transplantation can facilitate a high success rate and longer lasting results. Both men and women can undergo this procedure successfully.

Fractional Microneedle Radiofrequency Treatment (Profound, previously known as Evolastin) is a non-surgical procedure that can provide significant improvement in skin tone and tightening, with noticeable, long lasting results.

A 1-minute Botox treatment requiring only 6 units, can lead to softening of the Gummy Smile and increased confidence in patients who are bothered by this appearance.

Melinda Smith, M.D.
Beautiful results!

Volume Augmentation of the Lips with Fillers: Restoring Youthfulness, Naturally.

Vanessa Silebi, M.D.
Gorgeous results, Dr. B!!

MELANOMA is the leading cause of CANCER DEATH in young adults ages 25 to 29 in the U.S. TANNING BOOTHS can increase your risk of developing melanoma by several-fold. There is no regulation for tanning devices and booths in most states. So we as Dermatologists encourage the public to research this topic further and to seriously consider our recommendation to stop the use of tanning booths. It could save lives!

Proper hand washing is of vital importance, especially in times of a pandemic. Don't forget to protect your hands by applying abundant amounts of a moisturizer containing CERAMIDES and/or PETROLATUM every single night. You can put on thin cotton gloves immediately after for best results. Your hands will not only be HYDRATED & HEALTHY, but will stay looking YOUNG!

Single Treatment with CoolSculpting can achieve significant fat reduction in the submental area, also known as double-chin.
CoolSculpting treatment is non-invasive, and there is minimal to no downtime.

Eight years ago we created the first CoolSculpting marketing campaign right in Miami. This was our team's video/photo shoot in MidTown. We were blessed to have the finest and most caring team, and we still do! Now, 8 years later, we are awaiting many great 'new developments' from the makers of CoolSculpting! Can hardly wait! Stay tuned!!


Dr. Bowes is a Board-Certified Dermatologist and founding medical director of Bowes Dermatology and the nationally and globally recognized CoolSculpting Center of Excellence in Miami, Florida. Besides Dermatology, Dr. Bowes’ other career passion is medical innovations. She co-founded myDoqter in 2016, a digital healthcare platform. myDoqter addresses the emergent needs of the medical practice of the 21 st century, and integrates the functionalities required for the successful and efficient delivery of healthcare. Dr. Bowes leads Operations for myDoqter, and she has organized a team of experts in digital technology, healthcare, business development, systems integration and connectivity, as well as customer service, that work cohesively to facilitate an innovative platform that can fulfill and adapt to the everchanging needs of doctors and their patients, at the local and global scale.

Dr. Bowes graduated from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, where she finished with honors and was inducted into the National Honor Medical Society, Alpha Omega Alpha. Dr. Bowes completed her Dermatology Residency at the prestigious Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery of the University of Miami School of Medicine. Following this, she completed a two-year Fellowship in Cutaneous Applications of Lasers at Harvard Medical School, Wellman Center for Photomedicine of the Massachusetts General Hospital. In addition, Dr. Bowes also completed a one-year Fellowship in Cosmetic Dermatologic Surgery with the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery in La Jolla, California. She also has served as a Clinical Instructor at Harvard Medical School Department of Dermatology from 2004 to 2007.

Dr. Bowes is recognized as an expert in CoolSculpting, and her entrepreneurial nature and business development skills led her to build one of the most widely recognized CoolSculpting centers in the U.S. and globally. The center received many accolades, such as #1 In CoolSculpting Worldwide for several years, a recognition given by the Zeltiq company, now part of Allergan Medical Aesthetics. Dr. Bowes has travelled extensively nationally and internationally to lecture on this procedure, as well as other aesthetic treatments. This expertise, together with her ongoing passion for medical dermatology, allowed Dr. Bowes to become a local and national media expert. She has appeared in 150+ television segments, and has been consulted as a medical expert for Telemundo/NBC’s Al Rojo Vivo, Univision’s Despierta America and ABC/WPLG10’s What’s Going Around. She has also contributed with educational segments in NBC6, CNN Latino and CNN. Dr. Bowes has enjoyed the role of educator throughout her career and, starting with her days as Clinical Instructor at Harvard Dermatology, Massachusetts General Hospital, she has continued to educate and act as mentor for many medical students and residents throughout her career.

Dr. Bowes maintains an active medical license in the states of Florida and Massachusetts. Her professional affiliations include the American Academy of Dermatology, the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, the Women's Dermatological Society, the Florida Society of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery and the American Medical Association.

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Bachelor of Science in Biology and Foreign Languages - University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL
University of Miami School of Medicine, Miami, FL
Jackson Memorial Hospital - University of Miami School of Medicine - Department of Internal Medicine - Miami, FL
University of Miami School of Medicine - Department of Dermatology & Cutaneous Surgery - Miami, FL
• Clinical Applications of Lasers - Massachusetts General Hospital Wellman Center for Photomedicine, Boston, MA
• Cosmetic Dermatologic Surgery - American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery - Mentors: Dr. Richard Fitzpatrick and Dr. Mitchel Goldman - Scripps XiMed - La
Jolla, CA
American Board of Dermatology
• American Academy of Dermatology
• American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery
• Women Dermatologic Society
• Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society
• Best In Dermatology Award - University of Miami School of Medicine Graduation
Mercy Hospital, Miami, FL
Other Insurance, Not Listed Aetna Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Cigna Coventry Health Care Humana Medicare UnitedHealthcare
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Ricardo Calonge, M.D.

I have worked with Dr. Bowes for over 14 years. She has always been very responsive, helpful and knowledgeable. Patients are impressed by her confidence and compassion. If I had to send my family members to a dermatologist, she would be the one!

Published: 01/16/2021
Jason Lupton, M.D.

Dr. Bowes is an excellent dermatologist with a fantastic bedside manner!

Published: 07/14/2020
Shilesh Iyer, M.D.

Dr. Bowes is the expert in Coolsculpting in Miami. Highly recommended.

Published: 07/14/2020
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