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Marion Mass, M.D.
02/08/2021 11:11 AM

Read this blog and make an official comment against kickbacks for Optum, CVS and other PBM and hospital tied GPO that PREVENT patients and doctors from securing the BEST drugs, devices, and medical supplies and cost Americans $200 billion per year. That's $$ that is used to lobby for independent practice for non-physician providers.
Public comment closes on Feb 16. There are suggestions in this blog for comments to make and a link to make the comments.
Physicians cannot obtain lifesaving drugs or solutions—like epinephrine, saline, or albuterol—for their patients. Over 200 drugs on the shortage list.
Shortages....Here in America. Hurting patients and especially the indigent.

Marion Mass, M.D.
01/19/2021 12:32 PM
Leyda Bowes, M.D.
Welcome to the Procial, Dr. Mass!


Dr. Marion Mass is a pediatrician practicing in Pennsylvania. Dr. Mass received her bachelor’s degree in biology from Pennsylvania State University and her M.D. from Duke University in North Carolina. She completed an internship at Northwestern University Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, IL. Dr. Mass is the co-founder of Practicing physicians of America and a frequent opinion contributor to multiple newspapers, including her local newspaper where she serves on the editorial board. She has been a delegate and a member of the Pennsylvania Medical society

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Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Pennsylvania State University
Duke University, Durham, NC
Northwestern University Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, IL
Northwestern Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL
American Board of Pediatrics
Pennsylvania Medical society
Practicing Physicians of America
Marlene Wust-Smith, M.D.

Dr. Marion Mass is a caring, passionate very efficient pediatrician who sees children at several Urgent Care centers affiliated with one of the top U.S. Children's Hospitals. She is also a fierce non-partisan physician advocate who writes about healthcare and works tirelessly for reform.

Published: 12/11/2020
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