myDoqter is a professional social or “procial” network of America’s physicians who have been trained in the U.S. medical school paradigm. You can follow physicians and find up-to-date content and feed on a broad variety of health topics in an environment that is medically sound, professional, and reliable.

You can even search profiles of physicians with the skills for which you are looking, and peruse patient reviews and physician recommendations. We help you match with the right doctor for you and schedule virtual and in-office consultations.

myDoqter is all about connecting patients and doctors in the spirit of promoting the patient-doctor bond and human wellbeing.

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It is becoming more and more common for many types of professionals in the health and wellness space to use the term “Doctor” and it is extremely difficult to verify the professional capabilities and credentials of practitioners on the internet. myDoqter does the work for you.

To be a "myDoqter qualified" doctor, our physicians are trained in the U.S. medical school paradigm, which includes:

1. Medical School Education
2. Residency Training Program
3. Board Certification

Our physicians have submitted documentation demonstrating their credentials. We transparently indicate what level of training on this path our doctors have completed.

Being on myDoqter means that your physician has completed rigorous undergraduate training at the best universities, survived the most competitive premedical training, and has received the most complete medical education by today’s standards. They are the doctors of the Hippocratic Tradition (Oath of Hippocrates), upholding the values that protect the sanctity of patient care.

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Within the medical community, there are many outstanding physicians who are known as “The Doctor’s Doctor”. These physicians are widely recommended to friends and family of physicians, as colleagues themselves have witnessed the outstanding care of these physicians. In fact, patients traditionally used to find doctors based on the recommendations of their trusted personal physicians.

At myDoqter we want to make “The Doctor’s Doctor” into “The People’s Doctor” and provide this trusted information to you in a convenient and transparent manner, as physician peer reviews. We want to make outstanding physicians that are recognized by their colleagues known to all patients so that everyone can receive outstanding care.

If you need the doctor that is recognized by his or her physician peers as a specialist in that one rare condition or key symptom that you have, we will help you find them!

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Our platform has one of the most powerful search engines, which allows you to input all the things that matter to you when searching for a physician: insurance accepted, geographic location, your symptoms, specialty, expertise, or other keywords of your choice. With the results provided by the Search, you can then browse through reviews of physicians that match your criteria, and find the best personality and bedside manner match for you.

Physicians will appear as best matches according to the search criteria. Where there are multiple best-match physicians, those physicians with enhanced features such as online scheduling and patient reviews will be listed first for your convenience. But you can also sort the results based on distance, location, and level of completion of the physician profile content/images provided by the doctor.

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Our powerful Search will help you. Simply type in the Search box the name of your symptoms or of your condition, and you will get a list of physicians that are the specialists in treating your symptoms or specific condition.

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We can help you with this. Simply enter the name of the condition in our Search, and our system will find a doctor that specializes in your condition.

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Many doctors accept Health Insurance for coverage of medical visits. To help you find a doctor that accepts your insurance, simply go to our Search, and enter your specific health insurance. You may want to narrow your search by also entering the specialty of the doctor and your location. Your results will provide with a group of specialists that can help you with your medical condition or required treatment.

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Most medical practices accept other forms of payments such as credit cards, and even cryptocurrency.

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Both, the traditional in-person medical visit and telehealth visits can be scheduled with myDoqter Qualified Physicians nationwide.

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Yes, thanks to Telemedicine, in many instances you are able to see a physician that is out-of-state. During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, our government has relaxed the impact and reach of state laws that made telemedicine hard to be practiced across state lines before. However, some states have different regulations, and we advise you to check with the specific doctor’s office directly.

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You can see a myDoqter Qualified Physician as soon as the same day that you are searching for that doctor. Some doctors may have appointment availability for as early as the same day. Our online scheduler is simple, clear and very intuitive. You will be able to see the doctors that are available on the same day and who can treat you for your specific condition. However, remember that if your condition is of an urgent nature and needs immediate attention, you must call 911 or visit your closest emergency department.

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Yes! In fact, when you request an appointment with your doctor in our platform, you will be asked to check whether the appointment is for a New or Established Patient Visit, and it will display as such in your doctor’s schedule. Your doctor will know you if are returning to him/her for a follow-up visit, and can be prepared to provide you with continuity of care.

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If a doctor has not activated his/her scheduling capability with myDoqter, we will contact their medical office to welcome them to myDoqter. All fully trained qualified physicians can participate in myDoqter. Please send us a brief message to let us know at

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To All Patients: 

Thank you for being a part of myDoqter. Our goal is to provide you with accurate and current information about qualified physicians, so you can find medical doctors that you can trust to meet your medical needs. We believe in the power of partnership and trust between the doctor and patient. As such, please observe the following "Do's and Dont's":


• Update your medical profile for each visit so that you doctor has accurate information about you.

• Complete your profile with medical information and payment information. This is your centralized portal to provide information that helps your doctors to significantly reduce time on paperwork, as well as in trying to collect copays/payments, so they can focus on spending time with you! 

• Like and engage with content on physicians’ pages to help highlight important posts that will be helpful to others.

• Post reviews on positive physician experiences that will help other patients find the right medical expert for them.

• Provide constructive feedback to doctors’ offices so they can enhance their practices and help more patients.

• Ensure your reviews are professional, respectful, and informative.

• Respect the confidentiality of others.

• Verify that any representations you make about yourself or your doctors are accurate.

• Comply with all local, state, and federal laws and standards. 


• Post comments, content, and language that is offensive, profane, and/or harmful to other users.

• Violate the rights of others by posting private and confidential information about them.

• Use the platform as a venting mechanism for grievances that may relate to insurance companies, politics, healthcare costs or legislation, drug prices, or other factors out of our control. 

We welcome you to myDoqter, where we look forward to connecting you with Qualified Physicians for all your medical needs, and to provide you with the resources and information necessary to stay current on medicine and on your healthcare. We strive to help you optimize your health and help you live your best life!

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Your privacy is our number one concern and we take it very seriously. There are laws that mandate the protection of patient privacy, and one such example is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), but some states will enforce even stricter laws in order to protect your personal health information. myDoqter will share your information with the doctor that you choose for your care, following all applicable federal and state laws. In addition, during your registration you will also be issued an encrypted unique user login and password, which you must never share with anyone. Besides encrypting sensitive patient data we also use SSL-Encryption for the whole website. All these measures serve to ensure your information remains private and secure. With regards to payments and credit card information, we do not store your credit card number and all transactions are encrypted.

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