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Integrative Mental Health
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#Vitamin #B12 #Deficiency can lead to serious #MentalHealth side effects. These include: memory loss, depression, paranoia, numbness, and loss of taste and smell. Foods rich in vitamin B12 include: fortified cereal, sardines, tuna, trout, salmon, eggs, milk and dairy products.

#Social #Anxiety can be very stressful for children and can prevent them from making friends and performing well in school. Never hesitate to bring your child to the #Pediatrician or #ChildPsychiatrist if you notice him/her to be sad, not have friends in school, or have difficulties with academic performance. A proper evaluation can help make the correct diagnosis, determine the best treatment, and set him/her on the path to good #Mental #Health and fulfilling life experiences.

#Medicinal #Marihuana can be helpful in various medical conditions. Of note, its use may trigger #Schizophrenia and #Psychosis (a detachment from reality) in patients who have a predisposition. Ask your #PCP or #Psychiatrist if medical marihuana is a safe treatment for you.

The term #ElectionStressDisorder has been used to address the #Anxiety that almost #TWO #THIRDS of #Americans feel during the current election process. If severe, it could actually lead to #Depression. My professional advice is to:
*Try your very best to continue with a healthy balance in your daily life, that includes family time, work and an exercise routine.
*Try also to catch up with friends and family, and *Consider reducing the amount of time spent watching TV and on various social media platforms.

Substance Use Disorders have been on the rise since Covid, mostly due to the lack of group therapies and meetings from support groups. Contact your #Psychiatrist today to schedule a #telehealth visit and take back control of your life.

Positive family interactions can help us get through the challenges, as well as the emotional and mental stress of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Stroke is the 5th leading cause of death in the United States, and a major cause of disability for those who survive it. Approximately 800,000 adults in the United States have a stroke each year.
However, stroke is treatable! It is important to identify the signs of a stroke promptly and dial 9-1-1 immediately in order to get the patient to the right treatment facility as quickly as possible. Below is a handy list of stroke signs and symptoms.

Meditating 5 minutes each day can have a positive impact in our mental and physical health:
* helps us manage stress and control anxiety,
* improves our memory and attention span,
* increases self-awareness,
* reduces negative emotions,
* increases our creativity and imagination.

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. It is important for people who are in crisis or are having suicidal thoughts to know that there is help readily available from qualified professionals.
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-TALK (8255) or call 911 immediately
#SuicidePrevention #StigmaFree #SPM20 #NotAlone

PRECISION MEDICINE in PSYCHIATRY could help tailor specific medical treatments to specific patient subsets based on their UNIQUE genetic BIOMARKERS. This could mean that patients with various types of DEPRESSION could now receive the MOST EFFECTIVE MEDICATION for them, based on these findings and their specific biomarkers which can influence how they respond to medications.

Exercising is proven to improve the symptoms of Depression and Anxiety. Wonder about the Feel-Good Hormones, called endorphins (the natural cannabis-like brain chemicals)? Exercise produces a significant release of these hormones, and it helps patients to lift up their mood and feel happier! ANY type of exercise is good for your body and brain - be active, feel stronger and reclaim your health!

Researchers at Harvard Medical School have identified Social Connection as the strongest protective factor against Depression. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay connected to your loved ones!


The integrative and ethical care of our mental health patient is our top priority.

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Dr. Rodriguez is an outstanding psychiatrist. As a colleague of more than 25 years, I highly recommend her due to her expertise and vast knowledge of all mental health conditions.

Published: 09/28/2020
Ignacio Bobes, M.D.

Dr Lucila Rodriguez has been working with me for approximately 9 years she has demonstrated to be a very knowledgeable, compassionated physician, very humanitarian loved by all her patients, she is a physician I really trust and recommend without hesitation.

Published: 09/19/2020
Lionel Diaz, M.D.

Dr. Rodriguez is an excellent psychiatrist, who is also very well respected among her peers. I have known her professionally for many years, and highly recommend her for her expertise and excellence in patient care.

Published: 09/18/2020
Dania Chambord, M.D.

Dr. Rodriguez is an excellent Psychiatrist with many years of experience in the treatment of patients with the full range of mental health disorders.

Published: 08/28/2020
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