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Everyone is trying to take over healthcare! Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, CVS, and other retail outlets are going to make us store-workers or disappear altogether. But as The Physician Collective we can create solutions and our place in health care tech to re-empower ourselves . What do you think we should do?

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Almost three-fourths of your healthcare-related taxes, your insurance premiums, your out-of-pocket costs do not pay physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, physical therapists, EMTs, testing labs, and health aides. So where does the money go?

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U.S. Health Care’s Staggering Costs

Administrative Overhead

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Join the school of health professions at St. Bonaventure University and learn about the accomplishments of these lesser-known medical professionals. The Diversity & Inclusion in Public Health course (PHB 302) in the SBU School of Health Professions is hosting a “Hidden Figures in Healthcare” webinar to highlight the unsung diverse contributors to modern healthcare.
3/19/21 @ 1:30

Join us on Zoom. The link is on the Notice Board. For those outside the SBU community, please contact Jeffrey Allen, DHSc, MPA, by email at

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The nation's first Franciscan university, St. Bonaventure University is a community committed to transforming the lives of our students inside and outside the classroom, inspiring in them a lifelong commitment to service and citizenship. In 2020, St. Bona

“...Healthcare has already been turned on its head dozens of times. But decentralized systems have the potential to give it what it’s really always needed: data in the hands of the patient...”

We got our COVID vaccines! The office that inoculates together... Very grateful to Dr Amy Witman/PrivateMD and her staff who spent their Saturday vaccinating the healthcare workers in our medical building. Glad to report just a sore arm for all of us!

Lucila Rodriguez, M.D.
Congratulations, Dr. Bernard, on this incredibly valuable book! Much needed information to be shared with patients. I ordered mine already!
Ramon Castellanos, M.D.
Great book, Dr. Bernard. Will order!
Vanessa Silebi, M.D.
Commending you and Dr. Al-Agba for such a great undertaking. Excellent book!
Thank you for being an advocate for physician-led medicine.