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What is a Pediatrician?

Did you know that Pediatric physicians have specialized expertise in the management of physical, behavioral, developmental, and social problems that affect children and young adults from birth to 21 years of age?

To find out more about Pediatricians and other specialties visit our "Meet your Doctor" series:


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As the #HolidaySeason approaches, this is a helpful guide on the risk of acquiring #Covid infection from various types of social activities, from Low, Medium to High risk activities. This is especially important as we aim to open up America again.
Image from the Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA)

#Social #Anxiety can be very stressful for children and can prevent them from making friends and performing well in school. Never hesitate to bring your child to the #Pediatrician or #ChildPsychiatrist if you notice him/her to be sad, not have friends in school, or have difficulties with academic performance. A proper evaluation can help make the correct diagnosis, determine the best treatment, and set him/her on the path to good #Mental #Health and fulfilling life experiences.

The term #ElectionStressDisorder has been used to address the #Anxiety that almost #TWO #THIRDS of #Americans feel during the current election process. If severe, it could actually lead to #Depression. My professional advice is to:
*Try your very best to continue with a healthy balance in your daily life, that includes family time, work and an exercise routine.
*Try also to catch up with friends and family, and *Consider reducing the amount of time spent watching TV and on various social media platforms.

Today I want to share important information about #NARCOLEPSY. This is a medical condition characterized by frequent daytime sleepiness or drowsiness. It can lead to serious social and physical consequences for the patient, such as not being able to stay awake in class or falling asleep while driving. If you or a loved one may be suffering for narcolepsy, please visit your Internal Medicine physician for proper evaluation and management. They can prescribe selective stimulants and medications known as SSRIs that can help manage this condition.

This is an eye opener regarding the power and potential ills of social media! The social dilemma. At myDoqter, we aim to use the power of social media to heal.

Researchers at Harvard Medical School have identified Social Connection as the strongest protective factor against Depression. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay connected to your loved ones!

We make these masks look good! The dermsd staff social distancing in style!