Dr. Marion Mass breaks down into simple terms the many issues afflicting our "sick" system.

This is a reprint of the first in a series that she wrote for her county newspaper. With Dr. Mass' and the local newspaper's permission we are reprinting her series in Physician Outlook. https://www.physicianoutlook.com/.../therapy-desperately...

Marlene Wust-Smith, M.D.
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Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a form of hair loss treatment that can harness and amplify the body’s unique natural growth factors to support hair growth.

The growth factors restore favorable conditions by:
1. Stimulating the proliferation of hair stem cells
2. Improving circulation to the hair follicles by stimulating the formation of new blood vessels around the hair follicles
3. Extending the growth phase cycle of the hair

Medical studies demonstrate PRP treatment:
• Increases hair count
• Increases hair density
• Increases individual hair shaft thickness
• Slows further hair thinning

Ask your dermatologist today if PRP is right for you!

Even patients with long-standing #arthritis can see an improvement in mobility after #Stem #Cell #Therapy treatment.

We're growing by leaps and bounds! Mindful was formerly known as Progressive Psychiatry. We updated our brand to reflect our strengths: therapy-based psychiatry and we're hoping to recruit more patient and physicians who believe in our balanced approach. Keep your eyes on this space; big things are coming!

Leyda Bowes, M.D.
That sounds amazing, Brian! I love the name too! Definitely share a link next time!

HOW TO CURE Enlarged Prostate and Lower Urinary Symptoms: Water Vapor Thermal Therapy (Rezum).

Please Enjoy Our Surgical Educational Video Regarding Water Vapor Thermal Therapy (Rezum)

DO YOU HAVE Urination Symptoms?? Call the Office or Schedule a Consult on Our Website TODAY!!!


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HOW TO Cure Erectile Dysfunction: Inflatable Penile Implants. About 50% of Men over the age of 40 may have symptoms of ED.

Men with Prior Pelvic Surgery, Smokers, Diabetes, and Peyronies disease are at higher risk to fail medical therapy.


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