Happy National Physician Week to ALL my fellow physicians! This is a week where we celebrate US! It's been a tough year, but there is light on the horizon. Thank you to Dr. Kim Jackson of Physicians Working Together for coming up with the idea for this week-long celebration, which in 2021 is celebrating its SIXTH year in existence!

Let your skin shine as brightly as the holiday lights with our “glow and go” microinjection treatment! Microinjection treatment is customizable to each patient’s individual skin care needs- we can combine dermal filler, botulinum, serums to improve pores, fine lines, skin texture and give your skin an overall glow. Minimal downtime make this an ideal treatment for a busy holiday season—glow and go!!

#LOVE educating our patients on all modalities for #HairReduction and #HairRemoval: from home #Depilation devices and creams, to safe and effective medical grade #Light sources and #Laser devices.

Here is our newest Video, for your viewing pleasure, about Green Light Laser of the Prostate for Enlarged Prostate, Benign Prostate Hypertrophy and Lower Urinary Symptoms.

This Procedure is mainly reserved for those men with Large Prostates > 100 cc or A Moderate to large median lobe of the Prostate (Type of Architecture). It can also be used in settings where there are bleeding concerns for the patient.


Green Light Laser Ablation of Prostate for Benign Prostate Hypertrophy or Lower Urinary Symptoms / YouTube

Surgical Procedure for #EnlargedProstate (EP), #BenignProstateHypertrophy #BPH, and #LowerUrinaryTractSymptoms #LUTS This procedure uses a laser directed by ...