The VBeam laser is our office work horse because we can use it to treat a variety of skin issues: port wine stain birthmarks, pyogenic granuloma, acne and acne scarring, venous lake, and rosacea. We can also use the VBeam to treat angioma, surgical scars, and stretch marks!

Remembering my dear #mentor and #friend, Dr. Richard E. Fitzpatrick, well-renowned for his pioneering of many cosmetic dermatologic procedures, including #Laser #Skin #Resurfacing. But his greatest legacy truly was setting an example for us to follow of the virtues of a good physician: medical curiosity, compassion and humbleness.
(With my friends and colleagues, #CoolSculpting Specialists Carla Homez and Maria Ferrer.) #ASLMS 2014

This patient had a tattoo on her shoulder that she had outgrown and was ready to have the black portion of her tattoo removed. Dr Lupton used the Qs Alexandrite Laser to remove the black ink over a series of treatments.
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#LOVE educating our patients on all modalities for #HairReduction and #HairRemoval: from home #Depilation devices and creams, to safe and effective medical grade #Light sources and #Laser devices.

Here is our newest Video, for your viewing pleasure, about Green Light Laser of the Prostate for Enlarged Prostate, Benign Prostate Hypertrophy and Lower Urinary Symptoms.

This Procedure is mainly reserved for those men with Large Prostates > 100 cc or A Moderate to large median lobe of the Prostate (Type of Architecture). It can also be used in settings where there are bleeding concerns for the patient.

Green Light Laser Ablation of Prostate for Benign Prostate Hypertrophy or Lower Urinary Symptoms / YouTube

Surgical Procedure for #EnlargedProstate (EP), #BenignProstateHypertrophy #BPH, and #LowerUrinaryTractSymptoms #LUTS This procedure uses a laser directed by ...

This photo was taken immediately after treatment with the Qs Alexandrite Laser to remove brown spots and shows “ash-white tissue response,” which is a good indication that the patient was treated at the appropriate energy.

September is PCOS awareness month. PCOS affects 1 in 10 women and has many symptoms. Among those is excess facial and body hair. Laser hair removal can be a great treatment option. A series of treatments done every 4-6 weeks significantly decreases the rate of growth and eliminates the need for painful or embarrassing methods like waxing or shaving.