Integrating mindfulness into the decision-making of combatting the biggest concerns our society faces today seems like a no-brainer. So why isn't there a psychiatrist on the National COVID Task Force? This omission is a sure recipe for agony. America, let's do better! Read more here:

Appoint a Child Psychiatrist to the National COVID Task Force | Simply Psych

This young patient in her 20s had a significant #reduction in #submental #fat after 3 sessions with #kybella injections. This allowed her to restore better definition to her face and jawline.

#Melasma (darker skin patches on the face) can be seen in women during and after #pregnancy, as well as while taking oral birth control pills. While there is no absolute cure for melasma, it can improve significantly with the use of specialized skin brightening creams.

This is a big concern for many women. very nice resukts.

#Acne is one of the most common #Skin conditions worldwide. #Pore #Occlusion and #Plugging by excess skin oils and make-up can trigger #AcneFlares and lead to pustules, cysts and, eventually, #Scars. That is why the single most important step in the #Treatment AND #Prevention of #Acne is proper and regular #Face #Washing, 2 to 3 times a day.

As of July 14: In the last 7 days, #COVID19 cases increased nationally with 3 states each reporting more than 50,000 new cases. Help slow the spread by taking steps like wearing cloth face coverings. See more COVID-19 data here: